Racing Academy

The course is designed for a driver who wants to take their track experience and skill to another level. It is also a good base for any driver who wants to move to a GT racing car like the Challenge, GT3 or GTE. Each driver will have his own personal driving instructor and telemetry engineer and therefore the learning experience will be designed specifically to suit the experience and objectives of the individual driver. Each driver will also have his own car and won’t be required to share during the event to maximize the track time.

The course will start by laying a strong foundation through a theoretical workshop covering all aspects of racing and vehicle dynamics. These lessons will be reinforced by spending various sessions in the professional racing simulator. As the next step, the driver will spend a complete day on the track with a Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo and working 1 to 1 with a professional driver to convert the theoretical and simulator experience into fast lap times. One driver with one car and one coach results in the most intense and best racetrack learning experience. At the end of the course the driver will have solid understanding of the racing basics and how to properly drive a GT racecar.

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