Ferrari Challenge 2016 - Daytona (Finali Mondiali)

With the Ferrari Challenge European Championship in the bag, Thomas Loefflad and StileF came to the World Finals in Daytona with unfinished business to settle, after the second place in 2014 and the DNF in 2015.

December 6 2016


The long weekend with 3 races came off to a great start, with Thomas Loefflad dominating the Test and Free Practice sessions, despite having never driven in Daytona before.  

Friday would see the first qualifying session and race.  Despite a less then ideal qualifying run, putting Loefflad on P3 for the starting grid in the first race, he came out fighting capturing both cars in front and winning the first race.

 Good fortune was not on our side on Saturday, when a big crash during the qualifying session put Loefflad out of contention for the second race.  The team worked into the early hours rebuilding the car so Loefflad could start the third and final race the next day.

The big showdown came on Sunday, the infamous World Finals (Finali Mondiali), the one race that would also crown a new World Champion.  36 drivers from the European, Asian and North American Championship came to battle for the title, with the Americans having a significant home track advantage.  Based on the best time of the previous 2 qualification runs, we would start the final race from third position, behind Keegan (American) and Lovad (Canadian).  A brilliant start would see Loefflad jump to second into the first corner and a drive through penalty for Keegan promoted us to race leader early on in the race.  However Hladik (Czech) who had moved to second and Lovat in third were nipping at our heels.  The race would show multiple position changes of the top three drivers, while they remained within 0.5s of each other for most race.  

At the end Loefflad regained the lead and also banked the title as World Champion in a near perfect season!






Despite the smaller driver lineup then many other teams, the success of our drivers insured that StileF would finish second in the overall Team Standings! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our drivers (Andrea Benenati, Thomas Loefflad, Alex Palou, Andy Segler), partners and sponsors for a great 2016 Season and a heartfelt gratitute to the entire StileF staff for the sweat, blood (sometimes) and dedication they put in to make this happen.




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